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Online Marketing Is Perfect for Seniors with Disabilities

A career in online marketing is perfect for seniors who may have developed disabilities along the way such as vision and hearing loss or limited mobility. Working from your computer at home lets you move and progress without hindrance from outside forces. You can virtually set up an office space at home with a computer […]

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Looking for Something to Fill Your Time? Try Online Marketing!

Seniors who are bored and tired of retirement often turn to starting a new business as a way to keep happy and busy. Unfortunately, startup costs of offline businesses can be astronomical and most seniors are afraid to sink their retirement income into a business that might fail. That’s why more seniors are turning to […]

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How Internet Marketing Gives You a Career Edge Over Offline Jobs

Many seniors today are eager to start their own business or continue their careers even after retirement. They’re no longer content to become inactive – nor can most afford to completely retire. If you’re considering an offline job or business after retirement, think instead about the Internet and all the career paths it offers. More […]

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Internet Marketing Helps Seniors Socialize on a Global Scale

The Internet has opened the world to seniors who might be limited in their ability to move around and get things done. Being alone is the number one complaint among stay-at-home seniors and depression can set in unless some level of socialization is available. Seniors who use the Internet to socialize and expand their horizons […]

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